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HMAS PERTH - Thanks to Suriya Prihadi, Clive Carlin, Kevin Denlay, and Andrew Flock.
USS HOUSTON - Thanks to Brad Gift and Jerry Ranger.



Age Shall Not Weary Them -  Roberts. Written about 1944 by former crew member about Perth's early days.
All Men Back - All One Big Mistake. - W.Bee 
About the sinking and life as a POW
Arthur's War. John Harmon & Arthur Bancroft. Perth
survivor Arthur Bancroft's story.
Australia Ships of War - J.Bastock.
The definitive reference book on RAN ships.
Battle History of the I.J.N.  - P.S.Dull.
Excellent account of the Sea Battles in the NE Indies in early 1942.
Battle of the Java Sea - Thomas.
A good book on the Battle of the Java Sea.
Battle of Java sea -  Van Oosten.
Similar to the above book.
Cruiser: The Life and Loss of HMAS Perth - Mike Carlton- Detailed history of Perth
HMAS Perth - Alan Payne. Written 1982 by Alan Payne for RANHS. Excellent reference book.
Out of the Smoke - Ray Parkin.
First book of a trilogy dealing with the sinking and life as a POW
Proud Echo (aka The Survivors) - Ronald McKie 1952.
The best book dealing with the sinking of Perth.
RAN 1939-42 - Hermon Gill.
The Official History of the RAN
Return from the River Kwai - Blair.
Deals in part with the rescue of four Perth suvivors by US Submarines.
The Australian Cruiser PERTH 1939-1942 - Ian Pfennigworth. An excellent and well researched book on Perth.
The Bells of Sunda Strait.- Burchell.
Account of the discovery and dive on the Perth wreck.                            
Ray Parkin's Odyssey - Pattie Wright -
Published 2012 - Ray Parkin's story
Cruel Conflict
- Story of HMAS Perth and the fate of her crew


 The Ghost that Died at Sunda Strait - Winslow.
A good history of HOUSTON's last few months
 The Fleet the Gods Forgot - Winslow.
An account of the last days of the Asiatic Fleet
 The Last Battle Station - Schultz.
Another excellent book on HOUSTON's final days.
Ship of Ghosts - J. Hornfischer.
Deals mainly with POW experience of the HOUSTON crew



Personal diaries and albums of former AMPHION and PERTH crewman and interviews with survivors.
Files, Logs, and Ledgers from the Australian National Archives. Reports of Proceedings and War Diaries
from the Australian War Memorial

The books listed above.


Julie Grob - at University of Texas for info on the ship.
Shawn Flynn - David Faltot -
for crew photos and description of the wreck.
Val Poss of the USS Houston Survivors Assoc. -
for Medal and Ribbon information
Dana Bell - for use of his research from the National Archives on HOUSTON's aircraft.


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